Star Wars Characters that Appear in Gambling Games

Star Wars is full of fantastic characters that are instantly recognizable and that many people know just by the sounds of their voices. The “good guys” of the series are very well known to people. These are perfect for the use in an online casino website.

Han Solo stands out as one of the most universally recognisable characters in this series. He is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon. He is introduced as a smuggler but soon becomes a fighter against the Empire. He later develops a romantic relationship with Princess Leia.

The protagonist of the original trilogy is Luke Skywalker. He soon learns the ways of the Force and goes on an intergalactic adventure. His mentor is an old Jedi Knight called Obi Wan Kenobi. Obi Wan is eventually replaced Yoda. This is a small green space alien with immense powers.

All these characters could be used as elements in an online gambling game. For instance, they could be the face cards when playing blackjack. Princess Leia could be Queens, Luke Skywalker the Jacks and so on.

Online poker has the potential for some interesting design elements based on this series. Each player could choose an avatar to represent them. These could be the characters of Star Wars. On screen Han Solo, Yoda and others are all playing cards together. This would make the poker game a more enjoyable and fun experience for the players. This could also work for other table games.

If the designer wants to get more inventive then they could completely redesign the table layout itself. Instead it could be a space battle that disguises a blackjack game. The dealer could be a Star Destroyer of the Galactic Empire. The player could be represented by the Millennium Falcon. If they beat the dealer then the Star Destroyer could blow up. This would make the act of winning an even more satisfying thing to do. Some online gambling games could even have different levels, which are set during the separate eras of the series. This would work well for a slot machine game.