Creating a Star Wars Themed Gambling Site

Star Wars is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Since the release of the first film in 1977 a massive franchise has been spawned. There are currently 9 instalments in the growing Star Wars series, as well as a number of TV series and a plethora of merchandise.

Star Wars is the perfect brand to use as the basis for a gambling site. It would attract those who are already familiar with the series. Star Wars is known to have a wide fan base from all over the world. Those who enjoy the series range in age, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. This means that a broad target market will already have strong ties to Star Wars.

This will help prevent one of the biggest problems in the gambling industry – being lost amongst the sea of similar sites. There are numerous casino websites available online and it is quite common for new ones to struggle to find customers. Often advertising is the best way to alleviate this. With a Star Wars themed site search engines will also be a useful aid. Potential customers could simply search “Star Wars” and find the casino site easily.

The most important thing that a casino owner needs to do before they plan out the site is to get permission to use the brand. Star Wars was originally owned by Lucasfilm Lt. This company was recently bought out by Disney. Therefore this company now owns the trademark for Star Wars.

A casino owner would have to enter into a partnership with the Walt Disney Company. Once a deal has been agreed upon the site can then contain images and characters from the Star Wars universe. Disney are a highly effective corporation and would therefore have a large amount of creative control when it comes to the design of the site.

They would also likely receive a significant amount of the profits. They recognise how powerful the Star Wars brand is. Therefore they are able to use it as leverage when making business deals with casino website owners.